cool sites here at neocities
personal site with some incredible art to go with it.
a petz 4 fansite, contains a lot of breedfiles and other
things you can download for your own petz experience.
one of my favorite animators, check out their work!
lain fansite, has a lot of neat things
you can download, such as wallpapers.
very bizarre webcomic, i like the quaker oats guy
another webcomic, described as
"a story about misfortune and divine punishment".
has a variety of articles about programs and their
risk of being spyware.
massive link directory, you can spend an entire afternoon
browsing sites.
kool site
his art is a very big inspiration of mine, do check out
their site!
one of my mutuals, their site is still a W.I.P but it
is starting to look very nice!
another one of my mutuals! i love the style of this site a lot.
Night Soil pretty funny site and also the paintings
are very good.
home to thousands of music modules, going as far
back as 1996.
a Fasttracker II clone, with some other cool features.
active site that hosts digital music and art battles.
Sleeping Cocoon
a (currently) small archive for hard to find music.
LINEOUT.LAND remasters and HQ rips of game soundtracks.
WACUP what i use to listen to music.
William Kage lots of SNES soundfonts.
CATHPACK a nice pack of samples.
myNoise not exactly music related, but this site is full of
noise generators that you can listen to. i personally use it
for focusing.
drawing stuff
JSPaint a web-based remake of MSPaint.
HIMOGザラ強弱 the brush that i use for lineart in Clip Studio Paint.
Retro Halftone
some halftone brushes for CSP.
Drawpile a drawing software where you can connect with other users
and draw with them.
MEGA artbook
a MEGA folder with tons of high quality
scans of artbooks.
probably one of the most popular flash game sites from
back in the day.
a collection of japanese flash games.
a mod database for 3D Movie Maker mods.
PICO-8 play games from the "fantasy console" PICO-8.
Cho Ren Sha 68k the windows port of Cho Ren Sha 68k.
Cave Story
Tribute Site
a tribute site for Cave Story, you can download the freeware
version and translation patch here.
Japanese PC
a blog where you can download and read about
japanese PC-98 games. a site where you can freely explore video game levels.
lainTSX a web-based and open source remake of
the Serial Experiments Lain psx game.
Aero Chimera official site for the shmup game Aero Chimera.
the biggest archive on the web, with more than
50 petabytes of books, software, music, and more.
Gifcities part of the Internet Archive, a search engine
for Geocities GIFs.
Flashpoint a project that is aiming to preserve internet content made
in Adobe Flash, mostly web games.
an abandonware archive, specifically for Macintosh software.
Osamu Sato
for everything that Osamu Sato has created.
The Eye contains about 140tb of data, not about anything in specific.
dedicated to preservation of game prototypes and such.
programs and other useful things
a good resource for learning HTML, CSS and
other programming languages.
Pale Moon a fork of Firefox, known for being a secure alternative.
Soulseek P2P file sharing, mostly for music.
a resource editor.
FileChef file search engine.
i don't have any idea of what this is.
Terminal 00 a site created by Angus Nicneven.
kopimi a symbol that you can use for showing that
you want to be copied.
88x31 GIF
a collection of 88x31 buttons.
Web Neko a cool cat that you can have on your website.